Your brand will not overwhelm you; it will win your heart and inspire you.

Thank you so much!!

I was very afraid of hiring somebody that would help me with the branding because of a past experience. But with you, since I’ve answered the brief, I have felt at ease, knowing that you really care about knowing the brand, its history and where we are headed. You are very professional.

Linda Echegaray de Lueur Jewelry
Guadalajara, MX

LOVED IT!!!!!!!!

I was surprised by everything you chose; I feel it is very attractive and I find compelling that all your choices are justified. I love the presentation you did so that I could use it in the future. The colors and those backgrounds! I’m dead! I completely thank Mor for her predisposition, her creativity, her knowledge in the area and her patience. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

Azul Villa de Wairua Skincare Miami, FL, USA

Branding and packaging went hand in hand with my brand’s personality, it’s perfect! Both projects were flawless!!! With my experience, I can’t find anything to improve. I’m happy!

Pilar Mazzaroni de Zeleny Plant Based Buenos Aires, Argentina


A brief is a document (which you access through a link) that gathers all the important information about your brand. Sometimes we want something which we do not need. In this way, we are able to better prepare ourselves and offer you the solution to the problem you are facing.

Yes, it is mandatory, for many reasons: Firstly, it demonstrates the commitment the client has towards its brand; secondly, it makes it clear in which moment of the process of the brand (whichever the service might be) you are in.

Many of the clients who answered the brief saw it as a necessary challenge, because they were able to clarify many issues in their brand. They learnt where they stood and how the studio can guide them in a better way. Moreover, it organizes the meeting, and no time is wasted. It is a necessary exercise both for the client and for the studio.

The duration of each project will vary depending on the time the client has and on the service hired. We estimate, between the first query and the final delivery, 2 months, minimum. Each project’s schedules will be covered in the consulting meeting. In case of an emergency, take into account that the price increases, since you will be the studio’s top priority.

No! We are based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but we have worked with brands from all around the globe: Chile, Colombia, United States, Mexico, Spain, etc. The distance and the payment have never been an inconvenience. Anyway, if you feel that your case is different, do not hesitate in contacting us and we will analyze it.

No and it is non-debatable. In the studio we firmly believe that a brand is not only composed by a logo, in the same way that we are not only our faces. As professionals, it would be ethically incorrect to deliver to our clients, things that we know will not work on the long run. There are designers who just do logos, that is why they are logo designers. Our studio is composed by brand designers, we think about them in a comprehensive way. Your brand is not just one logo.

Each project is unique, and we do not like to hand in a budget without knowing the brand’s problems. The costs are not only determined by the time invested in the brand, but also by the value these changes might bring to the brand. Nevertheless, if our prices exceed your investment capacity, you can contact us, and we will evaluate in which way we can better help you.

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