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By entering the webpage, we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not keep on using Mor Design Studio if you do not agree with everything explained in this webpage. The following terminology is applied to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Declaration, Legal Notice and other Agreements: “The Client”, “You” refers to the person who enters the web page and agrees to its terms and conditions. “The Studio”, “The Company”, “The Team”, “Us” refers to our company. Depending on context, “Us” refers to both the client and the studio at the same time. All these terms can refer to the offer, acceptance and necessary payment consideration to cover all of the expenses of our services in the most appropriate way just for offering what the Client needs, as respects his vision for the project. Any terminology used in this document or words in singular, plural, capitalization and or he/she or they cannot be changed.

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This Agreement starts today. Certain parts of this Web Page offer the opportunity to other users to share and post their opinions and/or information in certain areas of the web page. Mor Design Creative Studio does not filter, publish or criticize Opinions before them being posted in this web page. The Comments do not reflect Mor Design Creative Studio’s, its agents’ and/or members’ vision or opinion. The Comments reflect the publishing person’s vision and opinions. Mor Design Creative Studio is not responsible for the comments or their consequences, that are a result of the use and/or publication of and/or the existence of comments in this web page, abiding Argentinian laws.

Mor Design Creative Studio reserves its rights to monitor the comments and eliminate whichever comment that is considered inappropriate or offensive, or goes against the Terms and Conditions.

You have the right to: -Comment on our web page and have all the licenses necessaries to do so; -Make comments that do not invade the intellectual property right, including unlimited copyrights, patents or third party’s registers; -Make comments that would not contain offensive, defamatory, indecent and/or illegal material, which could invade privacy; – Comments will not be used to ask for or promote a business or make commercial publicity or illegal activities. You, therefore, concede to Mor Design Creative Studio a usage license non-exclusive to use, reproduce, edit and authorize others to use, reproduce and edit any of its comments in any and all forms, formats or means.

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These organizations can link themselves to our home web page, publications or another web page as long as: (a) it is in no way tricky; (b) it does not falsely imply sponsorship or approval of the linked part and its products and/or services; (c) it makes sense in the third-party link creator’s web page.

We can consider and approve of other link requests of the following types of organizations: -Commercial and/or consumer’s information sources commonly known; -Sites belonging to dot.com community; -Associations or other groups that represent charity organizations; -Online directory distributors; -Websites; -Lawyer firms, Consulting and Accounting agencies; and -Educational institutions and commercial associations.

We will approve of the requests of these organizations if we decide that: (a) the link would not portray a negative image of us or our business; (b) the organization does not have an unfavorable reputation by us; (c) we benefit from the showing of the link before the lack of presence of Mor Design Creative Studio in that space; (d) the link is located as a source of information.

These organizations can link themselves to our home web page as long as: (a) it is in no way tricky; (b) it does not falsely imply sponsorship or approval of the linked part and its products and/or services; and (c) it makes sense in the third-party link creator’s web page.

If you belong to any of the organizations listed in paragraph 2 above and would like to create in your web page a link that redirects the viewer to our web page, you must notify Mor Design Creative Studio via email. Please include your name, the organization’s name, contact information, URL to your web page and a list of all the URLs you would like to link. Our answer should not take longer than 2 or 3 weeks.

Those approved organizations will be able to create a link in the following way: -Using our corporate name “Mor Design Creative Studio”; or -Visibly using Mor Design Creative Studio’s URL; or -Using one of our descriptions from our web page in the page where the link is used.

Mor Design Creative Studio’s logo or any other material cannot be used to create a link without previous agreement.

iFrame: The creation of frames on our web page that alter its visual presentation or appearance is strictly prohibited, unless proper approval or written permission.

Content Responsibility: We will not be responsible for any content that appears in your web page. You guarantee the support and defense before any claim that might come up in your web page. No link/s should appear in neither web pages that might be interpreted as slanderous, obscene or criminal, or that infringes, violates or provokes the breaking or violation of the rights of others.

Your privacy: Please read our Privacy Policy

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Intellectual Property: The products, modified or not, and all the intellectual property, that contains any copyright, are always under our exclusive property (Mor Design Creative Studio). You agree not to claim property or intellectual right, or copyright in any circumstance, despite the product being possibly modified.

Return Policy: We have the right to change our return policy at any given moment. Devolutions do not apply, under any circumstances, to digital products.

Reserved Rights: We have the right to ask for the removal of all links redirected to our web page. You will do as asked and remove all links redirected to our web page. We also reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions and our linking policy at any given moment. By being linked to our web page, you accept the terms and conditions of the linking.

Link removal in our web page: If you find any link form our web page offensive in any shape or form, please contact us and let us know any time. We will consider the requests, but are not obliged to do so or answer directly.

We do not claim the information of our web page to be correct, we do not claim its integrity or precision, we do not claim its availability, nor do we claim the updating of the material on the web page.

Responsibility Deposition: At the largest extension of the applicable law, we exclude all representations, guarantees and conditions related to our web page and it use. Nothing in this deposition responsibility: -limits or excludes our or your responsibility by death or personal injury; -limits or excludes our or your responsibility for fraud or fraudulent distortion; -limits any of our or your responsibilities in any way that the law does not abide; or -excludes any of our or your responsibilities that cannot be excluded under the applicable law.

The responsibility limitations and prohibitions established in this section and in other parts of this responsibility discharge: (a) are subjected to the latter paragraph; and (b) regulate all the responsibilities that result from the virtue of the responsibility extension, including those responsibilities that appear by contract, grievance and breach of the law. As long as the web page, the information and the services in this website are free, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage if any type.